Digital CCTV Systems Designed and Installed by Professionals

Here at Bedfordshire Digital CCTV company we take your Digital CCTV requirements and design the ultimate CCTV system for your business.

We consult with business owners and come up with a plan to fit your exact Digital CCTV requirements.  

Herts Beds and Bucks CCTV specialise in planning the perfect solution to fit your budget, and also maximise the CCTV impact on the area you need monitoring.

We replace all the guess work with practical knowledge.

Whatever your business you will benefit from installing Digital CCTV,..

  • Increased Deterrent
  • Health and Safety   
  • Staff Disputes
  • Workplace Security
  • Safer working Environment
  • Increased Professionalism
  • Reduction In Theft  
  • Improve Staff Confidence
  • Monitor Productivity 

Be secure within your business.

Digital CCTV is now becoming a fact of everyday life. Since the launch of HD (high definition TV) the same standard has spread in to CCTV.

Picture quality is now the most important factor behind CCTV, with crystal clear pictures it can provide detailed evidence in real time by recording 24/7.

Be protected within your business. CCTV is the most effective way to secure your business from crime and staff issues. It protects both the business owners and management as well as the employees. HD CCTV can provide the necessary proof to a dispute or crime situation.

We only install HD Digital CCTV, mainly IP but we can also adapt original coax cable networks to HD so there is no need to change the wiring if the existing is in good condition.

Business CCTV does not have to be expensive, there are some high quality Digital CCTV solutions at exceptional prices making Digital CCTV Bedfordshire affordable by all businesses large or small.

Our systems are fully expandable and upgradable making them versatile for all business uses indoor or outdoor. They can be as complex or simple as required to suit your need.

Our Business CCTV Solutions:

  • Fast reliable secure, CCTV for the most demanding Business solutions
  • Outdoor, Car park, Barrier, Gates, Property Security, hard to see areas.
  • Internal, Office, Call centres, Waiting Rooms, Corridor, Stores & Warehouse.
  • Effectively monitor production and operation procedures of both employees and machinery.
  • View all your cameras off site, check recordings, take snapshot and text or email the pictures direct from your phone, tablet or laptop, anywhere.
  • High Definition Zoom, Digital zoom to capture every detail.
  • Versatile and expandable, can easily be upgraded to meet your future needs and save initial outlay.
  • Reduce investigation time and safeguard employers and employees involving liability claims.

We have an effective CCTV solution for all sectors of business please call for a survey and demonstration.